Meet Kat Lopez from Sovereign Herbs!

“Hello Kingston Farmers Market! I just wanna take some space to tell you a little about myself and Sovereign Herbs. My name is Kat Lopez, I was born and raised in Hudson County, NJ and I’m currently farming chemical free culinary herbs in the Hudson Valley, Germantown, NY.  I grew up in a low income, single parent household for a good chunk of my childhood, and I’m a first-generation Cubana/ Boricua-American. Growing up in a city didn’t allow my family to control what food I was able to eat and didn’t allow for much exposure to gardening let alone farming, but somehow I was led down this path. I am so grateful for following my heart and making it here. Not having control over how I got food in my belly for so many years encouraged a sort of self sufficiency and helped me develop skills in farming to grow food for myself and community. Our goal at Sovereign Herbs is to encourage building a community network of folks who help one another with access to culturally relevant herbs for Black and Brown communities in Kingston and throughout the Hudson Valley. We take donations at the Kingston Market and through PayPal to help assist in the food access work we do. With the support of our community, low income folks eat herbs free of cost. Our food access work is done at The Broadway Bubble and we are building other local networks to distribute food to. By spreading wealth around Kingston, we are able to have community supported food access. I hope you’ll join us in our work. Please stop by and shop Sovereign Herbs at the Kingston Farmers Market and Donate. See you around!”

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