Outdoor Market Season 2020

• There will be no music or community events during “NY on Pause” (Community organization tabling allowed as of July 11, 2020)
• There will be no sampling or tasting of products. (Sampling allowed as of June 9, 2020)
• Shoppers, Vendors, Staff and Volunteers are required to wear masks at the market and practice social distancing, staying 6 from one another.
• Vendor’s tents will be separated at least 10 feet from one another.
• All Vendors and KFM Staff need to be sanitizing their stands regularly: wiping down tables, terminals, cash boxes, etc. and sanitizing their hands between customers. Contact KFM Staff if you are in need of hand sanitizer.
• Only Vendors and their staff may handle products. Customers must not enter stalls, self serve, nor touch any produce or products until after they have purchased. 
• There will be an empty counter space, preferably a full, blank table at the front of vending area where customers can order and make payment transactions. Chalk lines on ground  3 feet back from table will help customers stand full 6 feet away.  
• Vendors will offer product in pre-packaged, pre-priced quantities to make quicker sales. We recommend rounding prices off to make easy change. 
• Vendors are encouraged to offer pre-orders with pre-pay online or by phone for quick pick up on market day. Market will provide info via website and social media.
• Vendors should offer a contactless method of payment via credit card. Many shoppers are not carrying cash!  Cash boxes (ie. a type of donation box with slit on top) can be left out on front table and customers can put their money into it themselves. 
• All Vendors encouraged to provide a second staff where possible, one to handle product, one to handle money transactions.
• Only a certain amount of shoppers (75) will be allowed into the market area at a time via two entrances/exits (John St & Wall St) with staff checking in each shopper, others will wait in line 6 feet apart. 
• The market will provide hand sanitizer at the KFM Booth in center of market.
• All KFM Staff and Vendors must stay home if they are sick!

Rules and Regulations
Outdoor Market Season 2020 

  1. MARKET DATES. Opening day will be on Saturday May 9, 2020 (Mothers’ Day Weekend) closing twenty-nine (29) weeks later on Saturday, November 21, 2020 (Saturday before Thanksgiving). The market runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  All markets through November are obligatory, with no optional dates.
  1. VENDOR SELECTION. Vendors may participate in the Kingston Farmers Market (KFM) by invitation from the market’s Board of Directors only. KFM is under no obligation to extend participation privileges to any vendor, regardless of past acceptance status. Vendors are carefully chosen by the Board to ensure a diverse and fair mix of products across many product  categories, and this can and will change from year to year.Vendors requesting to sell the following items using New York State grown, raised or foraged ingredients are invited to apply to the KFM: vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy products, meats, fish, poultry, game, eggs, mushrooms, maple products, honey, herbs, plants, flowers, cheese ,wine, fruit juice, cider, jams, pickles, baked goods, beer, wine, spirits, processed, value-added and prepared foods.Vendors wishing to sell crafts such as soap, wool products, bee products and other agriculturally related items will also be considered when these items are created using New York State grown, raised or foraged products. We are not accepting non-agriculturally related products at this time.All products must be grown and/or produced by the applicant. Items for resale are subject to approval by special permission. The KFM is primarily a food market – craft vendors will be considered after all other spots are filled and at the discretion of the Board.The Board of Directors will consider applicants whose primary growing/manufacturing location is located within 50 miles of Kingston, NY. The Board reserves the right to make exceptions in regard to applicant location at any time.


  1. WEATHER and CANCELLATION. The market runs rain or shine. All vendors are required to attend the market in all weather – please be prepared for hot, cold and wet weather as we run outdoors in three seasons. Vendors are permitted to bring small space heaters that don’t require access to electricity as necessary. The market is cancelled in only very extreme circumstances, but if it becomes necessary we will alert vendors about the possibility of a cancellation by Thursday at 4pm, and we will officially cancel the market by 3pm on the Friday before the market. If weather circumstances change and cancellation is no longer necessary, vendors are responsible for attending the market as planned. Cancellation will be announced to vendors by email, and will also be posted on the market’s facebook page and on the Kingston Farmers Market website: the event of a cancellation by market management, refunds will be issued to pop-up vendors only. KFM is not liable for unsellable merchandise in the case of a cancelled market.


  1. ATTENDANCE. Attendance is mandatory for all markets from May 9 through November 21. Vendors are afforded 3 excused absences during the market season (excused absence is defined as notifying the market manager at least 24 hours in advance). Not attending the market without notifying the market manager, or with notice less than 24 hours in advance – or less than 48 hours for pop-up vendors – can result in the vendor being asked not to return for the remainder of the season.The market does not issue refunds for dates that vendors do not attend the market. KFM is not liable for unsellable merchandise in the case of a cancelled market.Please notify Laura Crimmins, Market Manager, of any absences by email at or via phone at 646-262-4672. 


  1. VEHICLE TRAFFIC/LOAD-IN & OUT. There will be no vehicle traffic in parking lot after 8:30am on market days. If a vendor arrives after 8:30, they may park in their normal parking spot and use their own cart to bring their materials to their allocated spot. NO vehicles will be allowed to drive on the street after 8:30, without exception.*All vendors must be fully set up with product ready to be sold at 9:00. Any vendor not set up and ready to take customers at 9:00 will be fined $50, to be paid by cash or check on the same day.**Any vendor with 3 late set-ups may be asked not to return to the market.Site Manager Suzanne Flaum: 845-800-0437
  2. TENT PLACEMENT AND SPACE USE. Back tent legs must abut the curb of the sidewalk in order to leave sufficient space in the middle of the street. All product and display  should be within the area of the tent and may not exceed a 100 square foot (10’x10’) area. All tents must have weights available at every market. 


  1. APPLICATION SUBMISSION. All applications must be submitted online via by 11:59pm on Monday, March 2, 2020.


  1. VENDOR FEES. Vendor Fees are $425 per 10×10 space. If you would like to park your truck on the street you will be assessed an additional $425 fee, space permitting. Please include in your application that you’d like to include your truck, and we will let you know if there is space.Pop-up vendor fees are $50 per 10’x10’ space per market. Pop-up vendors will not be permitted to bring a truck or other vehicle beyond their 10’x10’ space. No Pop-up vendor will be charged more than $425 for a season.Vendor fees are due upon the approval of the vendor application, and must be received by April 24, 2020. Upon request the payment can be broken up into two installments. For two installments, vendors must send two checks: one dated with the current date for half of the total (including installment fee), and another post-dated July 1, 2020 for the remaining balance. Fees can be paid by personal check, bank check, money order or debit/credit card through our website or paypal. All payments must include the name of your business and the season that you are paying for.In order to be considered for participation in the Kingston Farmers’ Market, vendors must be paid in full with a zero balance for all previous and current Kingston markets.


  1. INSURANCE AND LICENSING. Upon acceptance, vendors applying to sell prepared foods must submit a copy of their 20-c license, and all vendors must submit a copy their up-to-date insurance coverage with $1,000,000 in liability coverage, and the following as license holders AND additional insured:

Kingston Farmers Market
PO Box 3794
Kingston, NY 12402
County of Ulster
PO Box 1800/244 Fair St
Kingston, NY 12402
Copies should be sent to: or Kingston Farmers Market, PO Box 3794, Kingston, NY 12401 by April 24, 2020.

  1. LOCATION DETERMINATION. The market manager and board of directors determine the layout of the market and take many factors into consideration during the process. If you have special needs regarding location, you may include that in your application. The Board and Manager reserve the right to place, relocate, or otherwise shift the location of a vendor’s booth at any time for any reason.


  1. PETS. Vendors may not bring their pets or any animals to the market.


  1. VENDOR SAFETY. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our vendors and their staff. If there is a safety issue at the market, immediately bring it to the attention of either the Site Manager or the Market Manager. 


  1. PRODUCT AGREEMENT  The product lists will be used to ensure that a fair and reasonable distribution of product, and as much variety as possible, is available at the Market each week.  The Farmers’ Market Board will review each product list and approve specific products for each vendor.It is required that you specify whether the crops or products on your listings are grown by you or obtained from another source and what your growing practices are. Please be as specific as possible about what you’d like to sell as this information is central to allocating a fair share of the market to all, and ensuring that our customers have a good variety of product to choose from throughout the market season.Vendors who are approved to sell particular products at the market shall bring these items in sufficient quantity to satisfy customer demand. If a vendor is unable to supply an approved product in sufficient quantity, KFM may add these products to other vendor’s list of approved products. Conversely, vendors may not be approved to sell particular items when there is already sufficient quantity available in the market to meet customer demand. Non-approved items presented for sale by a vendor will be asked to be removed from the Market.Failure by a vendor to abide by the Product Agreement may result in fines, suspension or termination. The purpose of this regulation is not to punish vendors but rather to satisfy customer demand and to ensure a sustainable product mix in a small market by maintaining an adequate variety and quantity of products for customer purchase throughout the Market season in accordance with the natural availability of those products within our growing region.

We will hold a pre-season Vendor Meeting in April or May 2020 (date TBD)  to address any questions or concerns that our vendors may have regarding the upcoming market. All members of the Market are invited to this meeting. Particularly if you have never been a vendor at the outdoor market in Kingston, please plan to attend this meeting as it will provide you with a lot of relevant details regarding load-in, EBT/WIC, stall allocation, and more. 
We will work in good faith to make allocations as fair and reasonable as possible. The Farmers’ Market Board will have the final say as to the determination of crops and products, as well as vendor stall placement. You are welcome to request a certain spot on the street, but please be aware that the Board will be the final authority on stall assignment.
 If you have any special needs or requests for next year’s Market, please include them in your application. 
You can reach Laura Crimmins, Market Manager, at or 646-262-4672. 
We will do our best to address your concerns.

Thank you! 

The Kingston Farmer’s Market

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